Harvey Armour

About Harvey Armour

For more than 35 years, under the auspices of Crown Financial Ministries and Calvary Baptist Church of Winston-Salem, NC, Harvey Armour taught seminars on personal money management and counseled with people in need of personal financial counseling. Based upon the knowledge he gained in teaching the seminars and in counseling people, Mr. Armour has written more than 40 articles on personal financial management. And, as a result of his longtime interest in finding credible answers to difficult questions regarding spiritual matters, Mr. Armour has also written more than 150 articles regarding difficult biblical matters, based upon information he has gathered from extensive studying of the Bible and various other sources. Mr. Armour has a BBA degree, with a concentration in accounting, from the University of Texas at Arlington, and an MBA degree, with a concentration in Finance, from the University of North Texas. He also has earned certificates as a Certified Public Accountant and as a Chartered Financial Analyst. Mr. Armour is now retired after more than 30 years in asset management . He is married and has two grown children ‚Äď a son and a daughter. He has lived in Winston-Salem, NC since June 1973, and has been a member of Calvary Baptist Church since 1974.

Does Nature Indicate that the End Times Are Near?

When Jesus Christ was asked by His inner circle of 12 disciples about what signs would indicate that the End Times for the current world are near, Jesus stated in Matthew 24:7 and Mark 13:8 that one of the signs of the End Times will be earthquakes.¬† And, with regard to the same matter, […]

What about People Who Are Hesitant to Become a Christian?

Although a number of people are not adversarial toward Christianity and may even agree with many, if not most, of its teachings, they are hesitant to make an affirmative decision about becoming a Christian.  We will address three primary reasons why many of these people are hesitant to make such a decision.

Reason #1: People […]

Are All Sins Significant?

Although the vast majority of people do not engage in any form of criminal behavior for which they could be arrested, everyone who can distinguish between what is right and what is wrong is guilty of behaviors that involve thoughts, words, and/or deeds that the Bible regards as sinful.¬† And, many, if not most, […]

Significance of the Beatitudes

In Matthew 5:3-10, which is the beginning of the so-called “Sermon on the Mount” that is addressed to a large crowd of people, including Jesus Christ‚Äôs inner circle of 12 Disciples, Jesus mentions the following beatitudes:
Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.
Blessed¬†are¬†the meek, […]

How Should Christians Deal with Anxiety?

There is ample evidence that most people, including Christians, experience some degree of anxiety (or worry), at least occasionally, and that a considerable number of these people experience anxiety frequently.  This article should be beneficial to everyone who is willing to learn from biblical teachings that pertain to anxiety.

Before we consider what the Bible […]

Does the Bible Allude to Extraterrestrials?

Some people have expressed the belief that the first chapter in the Old Testament book of Ezekiel pertains to extraterrestrial beings from another physical world (in contrast with a spiritual world).¬† In an effort to determine if this belief has validity, we will focus on what we regard as the most relevant verses in […]

Does God Ever Change His Mind?

When the Bible indicates that God decides to take a different course of action than the one He had been taking, it may be construed that He has changed His mind.¬† This may seem to infer that God is not omniscient, because He should know exactly what He will do in regard to each […]

What Should Be the Nature of Christian Unity?

In addressing the basic question posed by this article, we think it is important to also answer a related question: Should there be unity not only within each Christian church, but also among the different Christian denominations?

Before we attempt to answer these questions, we want to provide a general definition of the term unity.¬† […]

Is It Wrong for Christians to Associate with Sinners?

There are reasons to believe that many Christians are uncertain as to the extent to which they should disassociate themselves from ‚Äúsinful‚ÄĚ people.¬† However, because every person, including the most righteous Christians, is sinful to some extent, it is important to determine if the Bible provides guidance as to (a) the nature of the […]

Is All Hatred Wrong?

One of the major problems in our world is that so many people hate other people.¬† This is true between nations, within nations, and even seems to be true in some families.¬† Hatred may be passively expressed in the form of feelings such as dislike or ill will, but at other times hatred is […]